18 Oct

What does £5,000,000 Paid to Charities, 5 Trips to The Moon & 1560 Tonne shipped into West Africa all have in common?

They’re all things that ARB Recycling achieved in 2017!


We’re certainly looking to break that record in 2018.


We are one of the UK’s Largest Textile Collectors, we are ever expanding and always looking for new innovative ideas to better the industry and create the right change!



  • We collect over 200 Tonnes of clothing per week from Charity Shops & Hospices.
  • Over 40 Tonnes of Shoes
  • Over 45 Tonnes of Books
  • Over 25 tonnes of Electricals & Bric-A-Brac

    “We made 5 journeys to The Moon based on our average yearly mileage. (1,300,000 Miles to be precise).”


  • We carry out over 1100 individual collections per week to over 1000 Charity shops & Hospices.
  • We offer Weekly, Multiple and Emergency collections as standard.
  • Our Drivers are fully trained and liveried.
  • We supply Bags for your Textiles, Shoes & Books.
  • We make payment at point of collection via Cash or Card.
  • We send reconciliation of accounts to you weekly.
  • If ever we miss a collection, we will be back within 24 Hours.
  • Each call to the office is answered within 3 rings.
  • Our communication and logistical know how is 1st class.



ARB are your full recycling solution, if you want to discuss how we can assist your charity or hospice generate more income, assist with full stock management or just want to talk rag. Please give us a call,


We look forward to hearing from you.


Altan Riccardo – Development Manager,

ARB Recycling Ltd